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          Corpus Christi-based artist, Bruno Andrade was born 1947 in San Antonio, Texas.  Andrade was a widely recognized and distinguished American artist. While firmly grounded in his Chicano heritage, Andrade's artistry is driven by aesthetics and a profound sense of place. Inspired by nature, he painted from memory and from his own interior vision. He was a realist with a refined sense of abstraction, a subtle colorist with a boisterous use of hues, and a sophisticated painter inoculated with the wonder of an eccentric visionary. Charles Mitchell, writing in Artforum Magazine, noted Andrade's, "easy manner and unapologetic gorgeousness" of his "unabashedly beautiful paintings," while Jamie James recorded the energy of Andrade's work in the pages of The New Yorker: "The most cheerfulpainting show in town-faux nave floral still-lifes, with pronounced echoes of Matisse, drawing on the gaudy palette of a Mexican border town." 

- John Driscoll Driscoll Babcock Galleries 


          "I strive to be in touch with the land, particularly the land of the Texas coast. I feel nature's power in the soil, the energy of the trees, the plants, and the flowers. By embracing the earth with my heart as well as my eyes, I am inspired with intense feeling. This is when the tree that I have been looking at becomes another type of tree. This intimacy with landscapes and still lifes has helped to develop a better sense of self and clarity in my painting. I paint not the appearance of things, but how they affect me; together all of this becomes what I need to make a painting. As in nature, I would hope my art communicates pleasure and serenity, inviting the viewer into a world of wonder."

- Bruno Andrade

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